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Andean AncientAlignment and a Lost Civilisation
Ancient Alignment in the Andes hints at a Lost Global High Culture

I outline the central thesis for my forthcoming book, The Lost Science of the Andes.



Arthur Posnansky article
Arthur Posnansky: the half-forgotten pioneer of Andean archaeology

In this article, amongst other things, I re-examine Posnansky’s largely discredited archaeo-astronomical evidence that Tiwanaku is around 15,000 years old.


The Sunken Cities of Titikaka
The Sunken Cities of Titikaka

Many Andean legends speak of cities, some of gold, submerged beneath the waters of Lake Titikaka. Is the evidence for these archaeological sites being  suppressed?

Earth Ancients Interview
Tiwanaku: Ancient City of the Gods

This interview with Cliff Dunning covers various aspects of my research in the Andes, including the engineering of fluxes in the Earth’s magnetic field at Tiwanaku.

Night Vision Radio with Host René Barnett. (Search the archive pages)

A free-ranging discussion with host René Barnett on many aspects of my work, including antediluvian Andean high cultures, ancient remote viewing, and the paleo-engineering of magnetic fields. (Via Inception Radio Network).

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