Copyright and Intellectual Property

I have spent many years carrying out the research that has enabled me to produce the material I have posted on this website. I am not alone in finding that my work has been used by others without permission and without acknowledgement. In order to avoid any such problems happening again, I have set out below the terms under which you may use any of the materials on this website. If you have read the any of the articles on this site, you will understand that I adhere to the same terms when using others’ materials. 

Dave Truman
Terms of use
  1. All written the material, graphics and other media used on this site are the intellectual property of Dave Truman, unless stated otherwise in the caption for the item in question.
  2. Users of this site are free to share, use and disseminate the information it contains, provided that: i). the material(s) in question are not being used for the commercial gain of the user; and, ii). the user provides an attribution to Dave Truman and/or; stating that the material(s) in question are solely the intellectual property of Dave Truman, and/or
  3. Any such attributions shall be in accordance with the criteria, provisions and guidelines specified by the Creative Commons initiative.
  4. Provided that any material(s) from this site are used in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3 above, there is no need to obtain permission from the copyright owner to use those material(s).
  5. In cases where the use of material(s) is sought for commercial gain (e.g. in  promotional, merchandising, or marketing material(s)), then permission to do so must be granted first from the copyright owner.  Anyone wishing to ask such permission should contact the copyright owner stating: i) the purpose(s) to which the material(s) are intended to be used, ii) the context(s) in which they are to be used, iii). the target audience for the materials’ use(s), iv) the estimated numbers of people exposed to the material(s) in question. Permission for the use of any material(s) will then be considered in the light of this information. Any subsequent agreement reached between the copyright holder and the user may include the payment of royalties from the latter to the former.
  6. Legal remedies will be sought against any person, company, or organisation  that uses material(s) from this site in a manner that is not in accordance with the provisions set out in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, above.